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I only wear jewelry made of gold, anything else makes me feel uncomfortable. " Do you remember how many times I was told this exact sentence from my mom as a young child When I would present her with jewelry she would reply with a smile.
Why does everything except gold make my mother cry? Is this really true? When I first started making jewelry over 10 years ago, I made the decision to research the matter. I had always wanted to design jewelry for my mother that she could wear with no fear of getting a breakout. This is the time to give you the details of what I've learned.

My mother, as do many others, suffers from contact dermatitis whenever her skin is in contact with certain types of jewelry. Her dermatitis results from an allergy reaction nickel that is found in a variety of jewelry. Nickel allergies are quite frequent, German Kabirski and in reality, one in seven people is likely to be afflicted by a nickel allergy. Most often, women are more likely to suffer from allergies to nickel more than males. The treatment for allergies can alleviate the symptoms of the allergy. However, once the allergy is developed the person will be vulnerable to nickel throughout their lives.

Nickel can be found in a variety of types of costume jewelry particularly those manufactured in mass quantities. Nickel can additionally be seen in everyday objects like zippers, coins frame for eyeglasses, phones.
What is the reason my mom is sensitive to nickel? You may wonder. Because of some reason that scientists are still unable to comprehend her body has mistaken the nickel (or similar metals such as cobalt) as an enemy. In response to this threat, the body initiates an immune reaction (aka an allergic response) to eliminate the threat. This can cause her to break out with a rash that is itchy. However, other people may experience more severe reactions to nickel.
After I figured out the reason for my mother's breakout I determined to discover what kinds of jewelry did not contain nickel.

Then I began to look at jewelry made of gold. The general rule is that yellow gold (above 14 Karat) does not trigger the allergic response. However, white gold can cause an allergic reaction. White gold alloys are made up of nickel, as well as various other "white" metals to produce its silver-colored color. One in nine people reacts to the nickel present in white gold.
Another type for gold-plated jewelry are the gold coated (or "GF" jewelry. Gold-filled jewelry metal is produced when a metal base is coated with the gold. Gold-plated and gold-filled differ in its amount of gold that is applied.

The layer that is used to coat gold-filled jewelry is generally 50 to 100 times thicker than the layer that is used to protect gold-plated objects.
Then I looked at silver jewelry. If you are sensitive to nickel fine silver and sterling silver are excellent alternatives in "white" metals.
Fine silver is, by definition, 99.9 100% pure silver. Jewellery is usually not made of pure silver since the metal has a very soft texture and can not stand up to wear and tear.